About Yuli
Yuli was born at the beginning is very simple, in 2005, 10 people small factory, production of plastic molds; In 2006, Yuli invested in injection molding. Since its inception, Yuli has always been deeply rooted in the mold injection molding industry, has developed into a vertically integrated manufacturer, able to provide customers with a variety of services, known as one of the industry's outstanding manufacturers and suppliers, committed to becoming a one-stop mold, plastic parts manufacturing experts.
Our products and services
Yuli provides professional mold, injection molding, processing and assembly products and one-stop services
Innovation and frontier
Yuli focuses on the field of mold injection molding, and continues to deepen, breakthrough and innovation in this field, and has gradually broken through the technology of die-folding, die-cutting, three-layer injection molding, high-light injection molding, and successfully developed innovative products such as double screen, intelligent key, automotive robot.